Below are some websites that may be of interest to you, although I have no control over their content.

Official Websites

Derren’s Official website – A great website with many pictures of Derren as well as his art work.

Derren’s Channel Four website – A place where you can find out a little about the techniques Derren uses as well as featuring some video clips of his TV series (broadband required).

Fan Websites

Devoted to Derren – A fantastic website with audio files of Derren’s radio interviews, many articles, interviews and transcripts of Derren and really cool Derren wallpaper. – A website that covers many aspects of Derren’s work. – A beautifully put together website about Derren all in French! So any of our Parisian friends (or anyone who is annoyingly good at languages for that matter) should hop over to Flying Nun’s great site. – A website with good links and forum archives.

Information on Various Techniques – This is a very good website that offers many places of reference on various techniques that Derren may employ. It provides a comprehensive reading list on body language, suggestion, NLP, hypnotism, cold reading and many more. It also has many links to other websites about various techniques as well as a list of the effects he performs in each television programme. From my own personal experience, though, many of the books are very expensive so don’t buy them thinking you will become a clone of Derren. He spent many years homing his techniques so only buy the books if you have a actual interest in learning the skills. There are some great links to some magic site though access is though answering magic related questions. – This is a site that provides many inks to other NLP sites. I personally do not like most of the NLP ideas, but have a read and make up your own mind.

A book that may appeal to the budding card magician is Royal Road to Card Magic. It takes you through the basics of card magic teaching the reader the important techniques of slights and flourishes. Don’t expect to become a master magician just because you have bought the book as it will take many hours of practice.

For the more advanced card magician, Expert Card Technique is very good. The only down side with this book is that the diagrams are sometimes confusing, but that is only my personal option.

A very good book for beginners in mentalism is Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism. I think I paid about £25 for my copy but it is a very good read. In my opinion a lot of the effects and routines are a little dated, but the basic ideas are there for you to work on if you are serious in developing a routine.

Luke Jermay is a great performer is the mentalism genre. His 7 Deceptions and Building Blocks are a delight to read, as is the work of Richard Osterlind, Kenton Knepper and Banachek.

For the ultimate guide to hypnotism, Ormond McGill’s The New Encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnotism is a great book to read, though the only downside is the price: £35 from Amazon, however, if you are seriously interested in hypnotism then this should be the book to buy.

Derren employs may different skills to formulate his unique style and performance and may or may not use some of the techniques above but they are all good in their own right and provide a very interesting read.

Magic Websites

Here are a collection of websites I visit. If, like me, you are interested in performing magic then they will be useful as well as interesting to you. If, however, you are just looking for solutions or secrets they will be of no use to you. Some may require you to demonstrate you knowledge of magic to access some website by answering a few magic-related questions.

Practice Not Included – This website has a magicians’ area where some sleights and flourishes are taught and are accompanied by some really good photographs. This is an excellent website if you find some diagrams in magic books to be slightly difficult to follow.

The Learned Pig – An excellent resource for magicians; many free e-books of very good magic books. My membership took about a month but it is well worth the wait. It will never replace the need for books but sometimes it is nice not having to hold a book open with ones feet while trying to learn a new sleight!

E-Magic Trick – After you have completed the membership application by answering questions concerning magic and magicians you have access to video files on how to perform sleights.

Talk Magic – A really good magic discussion forum.

Magic Video Depot – Many, many magic videos, all of which are free providing you sign up as a member. If you are having problems visualising how a sleight is performed then this could help you.

The Magic Cafe – A very large forum where you can discuss magic. I like it, some don’t.

The Magic Anarchist – An up and coming forum where you can discuss magic. The attitude is slightly more relaxed than most magic forums I have visited (which is a relief).

TV – TV is the home of British television magic. On this site you’ll find background information, interviews and exclusive products from all your favourite television magicians. You can also register to receive a TV Magic Newsletter with details of all the latest TV Magic coming your way. Plus there’s a special Magicians’ area where you can purchase magic related products. – A good place to buy various items of interest, including Derren’s DVD Inside Your Mind

Other Websites – This is my neighbour’s website. They have their own house their that they rent out. If you are thinking of going to Florida then check this website out as their house is really nice and affordable. – This is Mark’s website. He is a friend from university and his website contains some funny stuff and is a great laugh. Be sure to visit.