TV Special – Derren Brown: Apocalypse


Derren Brown attempts to convince one man that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, the lethal infected now roam the land and he is one of a handful of survivors during an apocalypse.

Derren Brown - Apocalypse

Derren Brown – Apocalypse

Apocalypse was a two-part special that aired on Friday 26 October 2012 and concluded on Friday 2 November 2012. It centred around one man named Steven, who had been described as suffering from a “lazy sense of entitlement”.

The show was an opportunity to give Steven a second chance at life, making him realise how important his life really is. The setup was that a meteor shower hitting Earth had caused the end of the world. Steven supposedly woke up two weeks after the disaster in an abandoned military hospital to find that he is one of a group of survivors now living in a zombie wasteland. He made his way through a carefully planned storyline.

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