Tour – Derren Brown Live

Derren Brown Live

Derren Brown Riddler

Derren Brown Riddler

Derren Brown Live was Derren’s first stage show which began at the Tobacco Factory Theatre near his home in Bristol, and then grew into a major 2003/4 tour.

I managed to see his show whilst in my first year at university.  It was one of the best shows I had ever seen.  I remember coming back to my room not understanding reality (at the time I was under the impression it was all ‘psychology and NLP’). By 3am – as any good science graduate would – I had re-run every beat, every off-beat, every misdirection in my head multiple times and I had worked out a way each effect could have been achieved.  I was hocked!

By all accounts one or two (I can’t remember) routines where removed from his Tobacco Factory Theatre run – he did the same with his Pure Effect book, but any first editions have the two routines still in them.

A London run concluded the tour at the Palace Theatre. This first stage show was not televised.