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Pushed To The Edge

17th January 2016  

Derren Brown: Pushed To The Edge was first aired on 12th January 2016 on Channel 4. The premise of the program was to persuade an unwitting member of the public into believing that they have pushed someone to their death. This was the TV program that I applied to take part in, but thankfully wasn’t picked. I have to say this was one… Read more »

The Events

19th September 2009  

The Events is a four-part series where Derren takes part in – you’ve guessed it – four events: ‘How to Win the Lottery’; ‘How to Control the Nation’; ‘How to be a Psychic Spy’; ‘How to Beat the Casino’. As I write this we are half way through the series and I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a… Read more »

Zombie Arcade Game

29th June 2005  
Cast of Zombie Arcade Games

It was my intention not to write about individual effects in the latest Trick of the Mind series, however I feel the overwhelming interest in the Zombie Arcade Game warranted at least something to be said and thus this can at least serve as an obituary to the lost bandwidth from sites who insist in streaming the entire clip. Derren… Read more »

The Gathering

20th May 2005  

I must admit I have been slightly careless with keeping the site up to date recently due to a number of factors, the largest being time, or rather the distinct lack of it. Do I promise to curve this foolish behaviour and mend my reckless ways? No, no I don’t, for, you see, behind this nerdy exterior is someone who… Read more »


9th January 2005  

Derren Brown: Messiah was aired on Channel Four on the 7th January 2005 with the purpose of seeing if five authority figures in America would endorse Derren’s five pseudonyms and in turn try to encourage the public to question various aspects of their life’s and belief systems. The programme was not produced to debunk all beliefs, instead it followed the… Read more »